Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Osprey in the bag

Got a text and phone call from Aonghus O'Donaill on Friday about an Osprey at Coolanillaun, Lough Corrib. Made my way there on Friday but no luck. Went again on Saturday after abandoning the 1st Saturday of the month outing at Nimmo's Pier. A few regulars at Nimmo's also went Osprey hunting with no luck. On Sunday while working on some school stuff at home, Aonghus rang to say he had the bird again. 10mins later I was looking at the Osprey at approx 600m away and got a digiscope shot below. Yet another life tick this year magic.
Pandion haliatus

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Tim said...

Hi Tom

Had a look at Coarsefield the other day, lots of good Corncrake habitat, lots of birds, no word from a Corncrake, though. Let me know if you hear anything.