Sunday, 26 February 2012

First new tick of the year

Pallid Harrier has been around for sometime now and I final got around to seeing it although at a distance. Female hen Harrier was in my field of view so it was good to see the comparisons between the two. Also a couple of shots of Wigeon at Lough Atalia and a very high flying Raven.


Sean Kelly said...

Great stuff! Congrats! great to have the hen harrier in view for comparison too! Is there a spot that's best to check out first? If you wouldn't mind sharing

birdsgalway said...

Hi Sean this bird has only every been seen at a distance. My shot is a cropped digiscoped shot. I have made an attempt to get near the flight path but no luck. There have also been times when it has not shown. PM me for the best location to see the bird. ATB Tom