Saturday, 7 January 2012

Even more GULLS

Waterside had an interesting Ring-billed Gull or could even be a hybrid. I almost did not take the shot as it had blue legs which would normally be a Common Gull, a RBG should have yellow legs. But this gull says Ring-bill all the way. Got some reasonably flight shots of a 1st winter Iceland Gull at Waterside. A 2nd winter Iceland also dropped in for a few min.


Morg said...

Hi Tom

I missed this bird at Waterside that day by just a few minutes.

Looking at the photos it is the same individual that was down on the bay earlier. see:

All the best


Morg said...

That's the wrong link!!

Take 2:


birdsgalway said...

Geoff looks good to be the same bird. I first seen this bird back in July. God only knows where it was for the past few months