Saturday, 3 September 2011

Other Winged Things

Out at Anglingham today and very few birds about, this usual means my attention gets drawn toward our other winged friends. Although it is getting late in the year for this activity, there was a surprising amount about. Was surprised to see a Brown Hairstreak at Anglingham and this is only the second time for me to see this species in Galway. The other location was in Rusheen Bay along the path to BirdWatch Galways hide. Very obliging Treecreeper and Goldcrest at Menlo Cemetery.
Brown Hairstreak
Thecla betulae
Stiallach Donn

Brown Hairstreak
Thecla betulae
Stiallach Donn

Meadow brown
Maniola jurtina
Donnóg Fhéir

Brown Hawker
Aeshna grandis
Seabhcaí Ómrach

Ruddy Darter
Sympetrum sanguineum
Sciobaire Cosdubh

Small Tortoiseshell
Aglais urticae
Rruán Beag

Certhia familiaris

Regulus regulus


RD said...

Gorgeous photos of the female Brown Hairstreak.

birdsgalway said...

Thank you RD a big surprise to see it in in Anglingham which is a regular location for me.

Yoke, said...

beatiful Hairstreak you captured, in those lovely pictures.

I lost my Goldcrests in the past 2 winters.
must be really hard to survive in our current climate, so I'm glad to see you find this one.

RD said...

Interesting that you haven't seen them there before. You may have done so already but if not, you should think about reporting the record to